about me

Hi, my name is Miah.

I build brands. I direct creative projects. And I bring big ideas to life.

• MiahLM •

I hold a B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication as well as minors in Marketing and Psychology. The majority of my experience has been based in communications, marketing, and creative strategy. Please find some of my previous affiliations below.

Creative direction is my primary area of passion, and I produce individual projects presented as “visual playlists” through which I direct photo series inspired by themed playlists curated by myself. Music curation is an additional avocation of mine. I formerly co-hosted and DJ’ed a radio show, and I continue to foster my affinity for music by producing mixes.

• MLM Creative •
I offer freelance services under my brand, MLM Creative, primarily based in creative strategy and brand development. I am available to book for both individual projects and ongoing work. Learn more about my freelance services here.

• OTS Collective •

I am the founder of OTS Collective, a holding company for creative-based brands and services. The website is currently undergoing a redesign but will soon be linked here.

Some Previous Affiliations:

Pink and Blue Notes Music Blog