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Branded Envelopes

MiahLM is the lead Branding Strategist and Creative Director behind MLM Creative - a branding studio.


"Creativity is the phenomenon by which something new and somehow valuable is formed."

A good idea is good, but with strategy placed behind it, it has the potential to be great - to be even more valuable. MLM Creative helps its clients to elevate and then foster their brands by coordinating creative ideation with creative strategy. The aim is to bring your big idea to life in a way that allows the story to keep telling itself.


Consulting Services:
Direct, sequential guidance through developing or elevating your brand or business concept - for those planning to primarily do the work themselves or within a team, but unsure where to start or where to go next.

Phase I

Determine your brand needs and goals and identify potential opportunities for growth.

Phase II

Create a strategic plan in alignment with the brand vision, featuring context from a market/industry scope.

Phase III

With 1:1 expert guidance, take concrete and measurable steps towards actualization of the brand vision.

Freelance Services:
Hands-on work to implement strategically curated approaches aimed at achieving your brand goals - for those needing another set of hands on the team in order to produce key deliverables.

Brand Development

• Brand Identity | brand core, key messaging, target demographics, product/market differentiators
• Brand Elements | visual aesthetic (logo, typeface, palette)
• Brand Application | channel/content planning

Content Creation

• Digital graphic design
• Website design
• Print design
• Presentation design
• Copywriting
• On-site creative direction

• Photography

Brand Management
& Marketing

• Social media management
• Digital advertisement
• Email marketing
• Project/event management
• Campaign development and management

*See service rates here.


View a portfolio of sample work here.


Client Comments

"A lot of what we do at Live Nation aims to reach a variety of people. Miah had to tap into what made each artist and each show different. And by doing so, she was able to carry out efforts that highlighted the diverse elements that made each one special."

-Riley R. | Live Nation Entertainment

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