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"Creativity is the phenomenon by which something new and somehow valuable is formed."

A good idea is good, but with strategy placed behind it, it has the potential to be great--to be even more valuable. MLM Creative helps its clients to elevate and then foster their brands by coordinating creative ideation with creative strategy. The aim is to bring your big idea to life in a way that allows the story to keep telling itself.


• Brand Development •

Brand positioning
Target demographics
Brand differentiators
Key messaging

Brand identity

Visual aesthetic
Channel content planning

• Content Creation •

Graphic design
Web design
Print design
Presentation design


On-site creative direction

• Brand Management •

Social media management


Campaign development and management
Project management

I am the Lead Brand Strategist and Creative Director behind MLM Creative. If interested in working together, please submit the following form:

Thank you for reaching out! I will review your project and follow up with you.

Client Comments:

"I had the idea, but Miah took it and made it pop. And she brought me up to speed on what social looked like these days, so now I have all of these tips and tricks. "
Monica B. - Pink and Blue Notes Music Blog

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